Finding Affordable Car Insurance

Thanks for visiting Did you know that in addition to Health Insurance, we can help find the most affordable car insurance as well? We are industry insiders with the expertise and ability to get the lowest car insurances quotes available. We understand how frustrating it is to wade through all the insurance jargon. We also know how difficult it is to know which of the hundreds of companies vying for your business is correct for your circumstances. Let us guide you through the process. Start right now by entering your five-digit zip code into the box above. After providing your zip code, you will next be asked to give some information about the vehicle to be insured, like the make and model, as well as some basic information about yourself, such as age, sex, marital status and residence address. This data is vital for us to be able to provide you with accurate quotes, since auto insurers use such information to determine premium rates. We will then search through our network of reputable auto insurance companies to find the absolute best deals for you. With all the other sites out there, why should you trust Because we know insurance. Health and car insurance have a lot of features in common, and often work closely together, such as after an accident that causes injuries. We also have great relationships with all the major health and auto insurers, which means that we have access to the best rates for all of our customers. Every person has their own individual needs and wants when it comes to their insurance, and personal circumstances cause rates to vary widely. There are also a lot of industry terms and particulars with which people aren’t very familiar. Here are some common questions for those who would like more information.

1. What is the biggest factor that affects auto insurance prices? Insurers tell us that the biggest things that affect premium prices are the state of residence, the age/sex of the driver, their driving record, and the age and type of car being insured.

2. Why does my state matter? Every state has its own specific auto insurance issues, related to weather, theft and the state’s minimum liability requirements. Currently, the cheapest state for car insurance is Idaho, and the most expensive state is Louisiana.

3. Who are the most expensive drivers to insure, and why? Male drivers between the ages of 16-25 are statistically the most expensive drivers to insure, because they have the highest rates of accident fatalities and traffic citations. The next most-expensive demographic are drivers aged 50 and up, because of their diminished reaction times and health problems which contribute toward a high crash rate.  But don’t worry, at we can help you get cheap car insurance for young drivers as well as the elderly.

4. I have a few points on my driving record. Can I still get affordable car insurance? Of course, but the answer may be more complicated since the cheapest rates are for those with good driving records. You may need an insurer who deals primarily with high-risk drivers. There are also discounts for maintaining a good driving record or staying with the same insurer for a year or more, for taking driver-safety courses, and for joining auto clubs such as AAA.

5. What are some vehicle safety features that decrease auto insurance rates? Anti-lock brakes, airbags, three-point seat restraints, heads-up displays, proximity alarms, and vehicle monitoring systems like OnStar all help to lower auto insurance prices.

6. What other discounts can I get by using your service? One benefit that offers that other services don’t have is our ability to refer you to the same company for both health and auto insurance. Often, you can receive a multi-policy discount for what is called “bundling,” meaning you get several kinds of insurance from one company. This leads to major discounts, much like buying any product in bulk.

7. What does health insurance have in common with auto insurance? Both forms of insurance use “risk” assessments to determine premium prices. If you are a good driver who has a safe vehicle in a low-cost state, you will get the best auto insurance prices. If you are a healthy person with good habits and don’t engage in high-risk activities, you will get the best health insurance prices. Companies that offer both health and auto insurance look at the person’s risk profile slightly differently for each type of insurance, but they are definitely related.

Let us help you get the best health and auto insurance at the lowest prices! Just fill out the form above. If you want to read more about auto insurance, please see our articles in the navigation to the left.