Visual Sticky Footer—Wordpress Plugin

The Visual Sticky Footer allows you to display one or several different sticky footers on your site. You can have a different sticky footer on a page, post, and or category (or a unified sticky footer for the entire website). Each sticky footer will follow the user as he or she scrolls down the page. We are using the Visual Sticky Footer on this page and as you can see, the visual part of the sticky footer are icons. We have preloaded over 100 icons for you to use. We have also made it possible for you to upload any icons you want. With each icon you can choose to add text and link to other pages on your site or other websites. Having these options make it easy to include advertisements in your sticky footer if you desire. Finally, we made the actual sticky footer bar customizable. By entering in an html hex color code you can change the color of your sticky footer to whatever you desire, or have it transparent. We hope with all these options you are able to design a Visual Sticky Footer that bests fits your needs. If you have questions or suggested improvements please let us know. ~RCHI Development Team Installation
  1. Download, install & activate the plugin.
  2. Go to the “Add New” link to add a sticky footer.
  3. Activate and select different options for your sticky footer.
That is all you have to do—Enjoy! Tips
  • When you are in your sticky footer settings you will need to to turn your sticky footer on (the check box that says “Turn Sticky Footer On“) and save your savings before moving on. The sticky footer bar will not appear on your site until you have activated your icons.
  • When you display and save the icons your sticky footer will appear on your website. To avoid this, go back to Settings and unselect “Turn Sticky Footer On.” You need to have the sticky footer turned on before choosing your icons, so that the plugin knows which sticky bar the icons are associated with. However, once you have turned on and saved the sticky footer the first time you can turn it off. This helps you to first arrange your icons before displaying them.
Screen Shots Known Bugs
  • Conflicts with WMPL. Doesn’t show pages or posts that are translated in other languages.
Suggested Improvements
  • Allow the user to decide where to place the VSF (at the bottom, sides, or top)
  • Add google search as an option to use in the bar
  • Allow the user to create to determine the width of the sticky bar
  • Add localization
  • Add image alt attribution
  • Add social media icons
  • An ad/banner manager with expiration date, default ad, stats
  • Provide an option to have a bar link open to a new tab or not
  • Show in the admin what the image size will be when published
  • Implement a scrolling function that would keep all icons to one row
  • Make it so pages or posts can be excluded (i.e. using VSF for the entire website with the exception of the home page)
  • Only display the +/- on the bar—used to minimize or maximize the bar—when the bar is showing the opposite function (i.e. if the bar is minimized than only the maximized option—the + sign—would show and visa versa)
  • Create an option to have a transparent sticky footer (you can already do this, but it requires not putting a color hex code in)
  • Allow for the sticky footer be on wordpress’s index.php.