Believe it or not, there are some extremely funny aspects when it comes to the world of insurance. Here at RCHI we’ve dedicated some of our energies in showing you that it is possible to have a lighter side with insurance (and not just a lighter wallet from paying expensive premiums). Below are the different projects we are working on. If you have any fun ideas concerning insurance that we can exploit please feel free to contact us!

Animated Videos

The monst ER Series Animated shorts on a doctor treating different monsters in the monst ER. Previous Episodes Episode 1: Zombie Brain Episode 2: Dr. Acula’s Obesity Woes Episode 3: The Hulk’s Anger Management Issues Episode 4: The Headless Horseman’s Headless Aches Episode 5: Alien Belly Aches

WordPress Plugins

We are big wordpress nuts here at RCHI. So, anytime we create a plugin for own use we will release it to our community. The Visual Sticky Footer came about because we needed more options in our footer. Visual Sticky Footer