ACP Applauds Obama and New Health Care Acts

The American College of Physicians applauded President Obama’s health care plans in a speech given in January of 2011. During the State of the Nation’s Healthcare Report, they voiced approval of the Affordable Healthcare Act and the Empowering States to Innovate Act. The Organization spoke of the need for affordable health care in the United States and the importance of allowing States to chart their own course.

ACP Views

J. Fred Ralston, the ACP President, was quoted as saying “The Empowering States to Innovate Act will provide an earlier option for states to chart their own paths to provide coverage, by accelerating and taking advantage of the waiver option that already exists in the Affordable Care Act.” The Association is very excited by the prospect of affordable health care for Americans. The number of uninsured in America right now is about 50 million. These two Acts will have a huge impact on American access to healthcare.

Empowering States to Innovate Act

This Act is championed by a group of legislators including Ron Wyden (D-OR), Scott Brown (R-MA), and Mary Landrieu (D-LA), who originated the act. It is currently under judicial review. This Act would change the Affordable Healthcare Act by moving the date by which waivers can be accepted by individual States. The State must be able to prove that it can provide care with the same quality as is provided with the ACA in order to get a waiver and acceptance.

The ACA and Socialized Medicine

No longer hiding in the shadows, those involved admit that the ACA and the President’s Healthcare Act would be a move toward Socialized Medicine. The major problem with the plan is the bickering between the States and the Federal Government over who is actually “in charge”. Those in opposition to the plan point out the problems in other countries where Socialized medicine has proven successful for the government, but unsuccessful for the citizens. Canada is often cited as an example of the downside of socialized medicine.

Better American Healthcare

The goal, according to both sides of the issue, is to provide better and more cost effective healthcare to America. Eliminating the hazards of those who live uninsured is also a key point. At the current point, too many Americans are uninsured, and Medicaid is going broke. Certainly something has to be done, although no one can agree on exactly what. As far as the ACP, they agree with the President and his proposed Healthcare plan. The President no doubt appreciates the support from a prestigious organization.

The debate rages on, but as for the ACP, initializing socialized medicine is the answer to many of the American healthcare issues. The fate of the Acts rests in the hands of the Judiciary Committee, as Americans anxiously await a decision. The approval of the ACP is a major win for the Obama administration, and the movement toward socialized medicine. It is certain more organizations will weigh in on the Acts in time.