The Health Care Reform Debate

As the only nation in the world without universal health care, the United States is working to come up with a solution to keep its citizens healthier. Many Americans go without health insurance because they cannot afford it, and their illnesses and injuries go untreated as a result. However, since the Health Care Reform Act remains so controversial, it has proved to be near impossible to find a solution that is both viable and acceptable to everyone.

People Who are for Health Care Reform

People who support the Health Care Reform bill believe that health care should be made more affordable, especially for people living in low-income households, and those who make more money should be taxed to make up for it.  Being taxed more money is acceptable to them, because of the positive changes that will come from it, and believe that everyone should be required to have health insurance so no one goes without.

People Who are Against Health Care Reform

Those who disagree with the Health Care Reform Act do not believe it is fair to be taxed any more than they already are, and do not feel responsible for making sure everyone has health insurance, even people who cannot afford it. They see a nationwide requirement to have insurance – and suffering a penalty for noncompliance – to be unconstitutional and believe it strips them of their freedom.

Is There a Compromise?

Since the Health Care Reform Act was first brought to Congress, people have been trying to find a compromise between those who support it and those who don’t. There are several options, like taxing everyone and then providing refunds to those who buy insurance, or limiting the amount of time each year people are able to buy insurance. Despite these options, and agreement is yet to be reached.

What’s Going On Now?

Certain parts of the Health Care Reform Act have already gone into effect, but the majority of the act is still being debated as far as what should be legal for the government to require of its citizens. Many people are worried that this is just the first step in the government taking control of individuals’ decisions on how to live their lives by telling them they must buy health insurance.

What’s Happening in Court

The Health Care Reform Act is now in the Supreme Court, and has been for a long time. There is a high degree of disagreement among the public and the justices, and it will be months before an agreement can be reached. The most likely outcome of the debate will be to keep certain parts of the act that people can agree on and get rid of others as everyone struggles to find an option that could work for everyone.

The Health Care Reform debate has been going on for years and is unlikely to end anytime soon. People have very strong standpoints about this matter, especially since it has to do with their health and, in some people’s opinions, their freedoms. The court will continue to edit and discuss the act until they are able to receive enough votes on a newer version to end the debate.