Health Reform- should hospitals be accountable to good quality of care?

Health care reform is a politically hot topic. With strong opinions, it has polarized the nation.

The most frustrating thing about health care reform is all of the rumors. No one knows what is actually in the proposed health care bill, yet people are making statements and conjecture about what they heard was in it. It makes it hard for someone to actually know what to believe and what stance to take. Popular political personalities are using this to their benefit to anger their followers in to believing what they want them to believe. It really as become a mess.

From what I understand, the government wants to make health care available to everyone and to reduce health care costs.

If you are asking, “Why health insurance is necessary?” then you have never lived without health insurance. I spent most of the beginning of my marriage without health insurance. We were both students, working part time trying to make ends meet. Most part time jobs do not offer any type of benefits, and when I worked as an unpaid intern, benefits were completely out of the question. Thankfully, we were healthy, but I always feared not being able to afford a visit to a health clinic, where health care costs can be debilitating for the uninsured. Other families are not so lucky. Their health situation can force them into deep debt, often resulting in bankruptcy. This can be devastating for a young family. (or any family, for that matter.)

One area the government should focus on is reducing health care costs and increasing good patient care. One part of the health care bill is reporting quality of care. In two years, hospitals will actually get in trouble for poor patient care. Their penalty? Part of what they would have gotten paid through Medicare. During that time, doctors will not be required to submit reports on their patient care, but will be rewarded if they do. But in 2015, it will be a requirement if they want all of their Medicare funding.

FYI: Medicare is a government funded program for seniors. It is funded by our tax dollars.

While I agree we should limit government control, but I also support requirements for those who receive funding from the government. Because if they receive money from the government, it is actually tax payers dollars. It is our money. And it should be spent well. Poor quality in health care will end up costing the tax payers (you and me) more money.

Performance ratings can also help out with deciding on which hospital you would rather use. I am lucky to live in an area where I have many hospitals to choose from, but I would have no idea where to go let’s say, if I want to have a baby or something. My options are narrowed by which providers my health insurance company covers.

Whatever your opinion- health care reform is a big issue that will affect us dramatically. Get educated the best you can so you can have a say it where your tax dollars go.