Do You Need Global Health Insurance?

A good friend of mine was in a severe car accident, while driving through Morocco. Although he was certainly not short on finances, because he had no global health insurance, he was in a huge bind when he got to the hospital.

When to Consider Global Health Insurance

If you are planning to travel outside your own country, you need to purchase travel insurance to cover potential medical expenses you may incur in the country you are traveling to.

Do You Really Need Global Health Insurance?

If you are an executive or other business person who travels extensively in other countries, then you might think that you would be covered by your employer-provided health care while you are abroad.

Why You Need Global Health Insurance

Do you do any traveling? Whether it is often due to business or just the occasional family vacation, every time you leave the country you are putting yourself at risk to be stranded in a foreign country with no health insurance.

Global Health Insurance Is Increasing in Popularity

As falling travel costs continue to popularize global travel, Americans are boarding planes. Yet, despite media depictions of universal health care in western countries, in reality most foreigners must pay their health expenses out of pocket.

Do I need Global Health Insurance?

Most Americans have some form of health insurance, whether you get it from your job or you pay for it yourself. But, did you know that even the best health insurance plan will not cover you completely when you travel?

The Benefit of Group Health Insurance

The Benefit of Group Health Insurance As anyone knows, it is very important to get affordable health insurance. If you work for a company that offers group health insurance, you … Continued