Do I need Global Health Insurance?

Most Americans have some form of health insurance, whether you get it from your job or you pay for it yourself. But, did you know that even the best health insurance plan will not cover you completely when you travel? In fact, many insurance plans will not cover you at all if you leave the country, and that could lead you into some very big trouble.

For the most part, there are two reasons why you might need global health insurance – if you become ill while you are abroad, or if you are injured. Most people think that if they are healthy enough to travel then they won’t get sick while they are on vacation. But, there are many reasons why you could get sick.

Of course, food and water in foreign countries may not be up to our standard and that could actually send you to the hospital. In addition, you just never know when you will get an infection, a serious case of the flu, or pneumonia – all of which might require at least a doctor’s visit, and maybe hospitalization. Without global health insurance, you will end up footing the bill for these kinds of illnesses.

If you get injured while you are abroad, you might be in for a big surprise. Depending on the country you are visiting, you may be required to pay in advance for the health care you get. If you don’t have global health insurance, you may find yourself in a foreign country with not enough money to get care and no way to get home.

If you are going to see the world and travel to foreign countries, you have to do all you can to protect yourself and global health insurance is one way to ensure both your health and your finances while on vacation.

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