Global Health Insurance Is Increasing in Popularity

As falling travel costs continue to popularize global travel, Americans are boarding planes.  Yet, despite media depictions of universal health care in western countries, in reality most foreigners must pay their health expenses out of pocket.  The following categories of traveler are particularly vulnerable to needing foreign health services.  Yet, if injured, would their funds cover enough?

Business travelers. As borders worldwide have become open to international business, so also has business travel increased.  Accidents, travel-related injury, and even crime can happen anywhere.  Even business travelers should go prepared.

Vacation travelers. International tourism among Americans has experienced double-digit growth in recent decades.  Alongside global travel is the opportunity to safeguard health abroad.  Whereas business travel may find employers and companies footing the bill for global health insurance, individuals responsible for overseas health costs are exposed to risk.

Adventure travelers. Global health insurance is extremely important to adventure travelers who go abroad.  Not only do adventure activities carry a higher risk of injury—they may find themselves in the remotest parts of the world.  For some global plans, rescue and evacuation services may be available.

Volontourism. Falling somewhere between business travel and personal travel, “volunteer tourism” has also become more common.  Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Hands Up Holidays send volunteers all over the world to work in local communities on helpful tasks.  Though not as extreme as adventure travel, participants frequently visit third world countries and may be at risk of injury from punishing work, and disease.

So, what if you fit the profile of someone who could benefit from global health insurance?  Don’t waste any time seeking an online quote.  Travel has become so common as to drive the prices of this type of insurance down.  You will find worlds more benefit without playing an enormous price.

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