Do You Need Global Health Insurance?

A good friend of mine was in a severe car accident, while driving through Morocco. Although he was certainly not short on finances, because he had no global health insurance, he was in a huge bind when he got to the hospital.  In such pain that he could barely talk, let alone think, the doctors refused to work on him until he came up with the money to pay for all the work. Imagine being in a position of extreme pain and agony and having someone blackmail you for money! That is exactly what could happen if you don’t have global health insurance.

Although you may have the best medical insurance that money could buy, and you might even be on Medicare as well, but the truth is that all bets are off once you cross the border and go into another country. Most other countries are not required by law to treat anyone who is not a legal resident, and even if you have credit cards and documentation showing that you have insurance, they may not treat you at all. Unlike in this country, where a doctor has a legal and moral obligation to treat everyone, the same is not the case in other countries and you could certainly be turned out onto the street.

So, although you may only be travelling to the Caribbean or Mexico for just a few days, it is absolutely imperative that you get some kind of global health insurance before you. Many of these policies can be bought for just a few days or weeks at a time, and although they may seem a little pricey, they are extraordinarily inexpensive in comparison to having to pay full fare for every medical procedure you have done while you are on vacation. This is one insurance plan you should never leave home without buying.

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