Bike to Work Day- Good for your body and the environment

May is Bike Month in my city. The Transit Authority is trying to inspire people in our community to use their bikes as their primary form of transportation instead of their cars.

The big event kicked off with a competition between two rival cities (with the two biggest colleges in the state, go figure).  The mayors from the two cities rode more than 40 miles between the cities, along with an entourage of other bike enthusiasts.

Next Tuesday is my city’s Bike to Work Day- everyone is encouraged to bike to work instead of driving. Pretty cool, right?

You might be thinking, What is the big deal about riding your bike? There are many reasons why people in your community, especially YOU, should get involved.

#1. First and foremost, Bike Month is to help save the environment. I am not one of those people who jumped on the ‘green movement’ bandwagon because it is cool. But I think it is important to reduce waste so my grand kids can have a great world too. Driving creates air pollution and waste through exhaust fumes, fuel use and more. I’m not saying that no one should ever drive, but I think we need to be aware of the affects of driving.

By switching out a time where you could ride your bike instead of driving will make that much more of a difference on the environment. But I understand those who cannot ride their bikes to work. It would take me 40 minutes to ride my bike to work. However, I will walk the few blocks to church instead of driving my car. (Confession: I have driven my car there before and felt so embarrassed that I was too lazy to walk. Never again.)

#2. Switching out driving for a bike ride is good for your body. It is simple: you are either just sitting or working out. With summer rapidly approaching, riding your bike can be a great way to get some vitamin D, get some good exercise AND have some fun. Your doctor and your really cheap health insurance provider will agree.

Why does your health insurance provider care if you do things to be healthy? It is all about the numbers. Healthier people do not go to the doctor as much, therefore they do not incur as many health insurance costs. Which means their health insurance provider does not have to pay out as much for health services. Trust me, your health insurance company wants you HEALTHY! And why shouldn’t they? Being active, like regularly riding a bike, keeps you healthy and out of that doctor’s office.

#3- Riding your bike has great benefits on your body. Have you ever checked out a biker’s legs? They are toned to perfection, and I can only dream of attaining that level of fitness. Cycling is also a great alternative to running. While running can reek havoc on your knees, cycling is actually a great knee strengthener, getting you the cardio you need without straining your muscles.