Children Insurance: Health and Safety With Coverage

Is your child among the millions of uninsured children in America?

If you’re among the many that have been downsized, you and your family could very well be going without health insurance coverage. You could have a job but your employer does not provide health insurance coverage for your family. Or, the coverage is limited. Or, the coverage has expired. Whatever the case is, children, insurance, health, and adequate insurance coverage should be top priority in a parent’s vocabulary.

Here are some tips for getting your children insurance health coverage on a budget.

  1. Shop around. Not all policies are created equal and the same is true of providers. Some providers are pricier than others so don’t be afraid to look around for reputable companies. Ask for quotes from the providers you have shortlisted. Don’t be afraid to use a broker, too. A broker can walk you through the ins and outs of the plan and help you get the best rates.
  2. Test-drive plans. Practically everything these days comes with a trial period. Some insurance plans offer a trial period, too. So go ahead and test-drive a children insurance health plan. You can get your money back within a certain period if you’re unsatisfied with the service.A word to the wise, however. While test-driving a policy, be sure you know the restrictions that apply. In general, you have anywhere between 1 to 6 weeks to ask for your money back and most likely in writing.
  3. Negotiate. Suppose your kids already have a policy. Does this mean you can’t save anymore? Not at all. Few parents know this but in practice, if you’re paying out of pocket, you can negotiate your doctor’s fees. In a poll conducted by Harris Interactive, it was found that three out of five people who negotiated actually received discounts. So go ahead, negotiate. The worst that could happen is you will be told “no”.

Remember, you are a parent. You can’t afford to be anything other than proactive about children insurance. Health insurance quotes are available for free so start evaluating your options and comparing providers today. If you need more reason beyond parental obligation to make you take action now, here’s one – you don’t want to go broke when your little girl or boy suddenly gets really sick.