Comparing Health Insurance Prices Online

There are countless online services that claim to find customers the best health insurance prices.  But, have you ever wondered just how these services work?  Are there private interests at work that create incentives for a web site to recommend one company over another?  How can you be sure that quotes you are receiving are correct and unbiased?

If you want to be sure that you’re getting the best rate, you have only one option—to shop around.  Though it can be tedious, at the beginning, to take the following precautions for a process that seems like it could be simple, just remember how even a few dollars difference per month in health insurance prices will eventually add up.  The following practices will help you get the most for your money:

Start with a site that provides full-service around prices quotes.  Beware of web sites that seem biased or sell just one or two favored brands.  The best sites will have an obvious focus on objectivity and customer service.  One way to screen for this is to determine how wide an array of products and services is quoted.   Beyond that, look for ancillary services such as agent matching and phone support.  And quality sites should always be 100% free.

Do a sanity check by comparing quotes from two sites.  Though this seems to defeat the purpose, comparing more than one site is the only way to find out whether an entire set of prices is reasonable.  For example, if Site A features higher prices for insurance quoted for the same companies on Site B, you will learn that Site A might feature inflated prices.  Similarly, if health insurance prices on Site A and Site B are the same, you can be more confident that you are seeing the best prices.

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