Congress and Health Insurance

Congress is presently very involved with health insurance, which is controversial to say the least. Many have a lot to say about the impact Congress has on health insurance and whether they should be able to dictate what the American people must do about their health coverage. Some people believe that what Congress has done with health care reform is unconstitutional. Others believe that health reform is necessary, but almost everyone can agree that something must change in order to improve health care across the nation.


Many people are wondering if Congress has a right to force Americans to buy health insurance. The argument revolves around the belief that it is unconstitutional to take away peoples’ choices. Still, some others believe that it is not unconstitutional for Congress to make such decisions based on the necessary and proper clause found within the constitution. Either way, health reform was passed by Congress and changes have already started taking places, with many more to come.

Health Reform

Most people would agree that some form of health reform is needed in the United States, primarily because of the staggering number of people without any kind of health insurance. Many Americans simply cannot afford coverage, while a number of others do not have coverage because they have been denied due to preexisting medical conditions. It does not seem fair that so many people go without protection against potentially significant financial loss. Health care needs are so unpredictable that not having health insurance weighs heavily on the minds of those without it.

Coverage for All

Congress passed a health reform bill, which in the long term will make every person buy health insurance. By 2014, insurance companies will be allowed to deny coverage to anyone applying for a policy. Health insurance exchanges will be in full force, providing affordable alternatives to those who need coverage in order to comply with the regulations, but do not have the financial means to pay for health insurance. This same bill claims that, by 2014, health insurance is supposed to be more affordable for the average American household.

Changes for 2011

There are many changes that have already taken place due to the health reform bill that was passed by Congress. In 2011, new changes to health care include a 50% discount for seniors who are in the doughnut hole of their Medicare plan, plus preventive care and after care will be provided to seniors at no charge. Providers must comply with the new law regarding the improvement of health care quality and efficiency. Additionally, the Independent Payment Advisory Board is responsible for developing money saving proposals for Congress.

Congress has had much to say about health insurance over the past several years, and especially in 2011. Health insurance in the US is making widespread changes across the board, and whether people think Congress should have the right to force everyone to buy health insurance or not, it is happening. Changes toward better health care and health insurance began in 2009 and by 2020 there should be an unprecedented amount of changes. The most significant change by 2020 may be that every American will have health insurance.