Fat traps: how to identify and avoid them

It seems like the world is obsessed with being skinny. Now with skinny jeans as a stable trend, the pressure to be thin is higher than ever.

But I think it is more important to not run away from this trend to far to the other side. I read an article today that suggested that almost 50 percent of Americans will be overweight or obese by 2050. What? That is huge. No pun intended.The is not just about glamour and looks. This trend has serious health implications. With rising health care costs and the increase of bodily ailments to obesity causes, it will make it harder and harder for Americans to afford necessary insurance like Humana health insurance.

To avoid the demise of the girth of our country, here are a few tips to avoid the fat traps.

Don’t let your diet be affected by others. The biggest offender of this rule is marriage. Do not get me wrong, getting married is great. But it can reek havoc on your diet, especially if you are a lady. And am not talking about letting yourself go because you already found a man. Couples gain a little weight their first year because they start to mimic each others habits. While the wife might usually be satisfied with a hearty salad, she will subconsciously match what her husband eats.

This does not mean you have to ditch the husband to drop the pounds. Even if your man is a meat and potatoes kind of guy (mine surely is), create meals that are well balanced and eat from there. And never eliminate gym time. If you do not go together, go with your girlfriends. The space might do you some good.

Eat smart during the holidays. With neighborhood treats, holiday parties and enormous family dinners, the holidays can be hard on your waistline. An increase of alcohol consumption adds serious calories without filling your stomach. Stick to one drink per party or become the designated driver to shave off a few calories.

Bump up your gym sessions. I know the holidays are busy and you might not be able to get in an extra gym sesh. But you can combat those extra calories with a higher intensity at the gym.

Another quick way to avoid extra calories is to ditch the doggie bag. Generally the food you eat at restaurants and parties are not the healthiest fare. Indulging a few times over the season is not going to make you loosen another belt notch, but enjoying that meal again and again throughout the week will.

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