Find a job: Get your insurance

The easiest way to find affordable health insurance is usually through a group policy provided by an employer. People who had health insurance with a previous employer can usually keep the coverage under HIPPA, but the costs are higher since the employer is no longer paying part of the premiums. Those who are new to the job market and those who are resuming an interrupted career may not be able to find jobs easily.

Standing Out from the Crowd

In a slow economy, those seeking jobs are in competition with many other people who are interested in the same jobs. It is important to take steps that set a candidate apart from the other applicants for the job. An attractive, well prepared resume is a good introduction to an employer. On this note, resumes which are sent by email usually don’t receive the same attention as those which are delivered by mail or in person. College placement offices will provide graduating students with assistance in preparing a resume and those returning to the workforce may be able to get support services at their local unemployment office.

The Interview

It is vital that job applicants are on time for an interview, since tardiness for an interview indicates the applicant is not really interested in the job. Dress should be appropriate, professional attire and should be clean and pressed. Hair should be groomed and nails should be neat and unobtrusive. 1” acrylic nails may impress friends, but they can give potential employers the wrong impression. Practice answering interview questions beforehand and be thoroughly prepared. While candidates should be prepared to ask questions about the job, it is best to avoid topics like salary and benefits.

Social Networking as a Job Resource

Social networking sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter, offer chat rooms and forums that are related to particular interests and businesses. Finding these chat rooms and speaking with other people in the same career field can open doors. Even if no one in the room is an employer, someone may know of a job opening that has not yet been advertised which can give a job hunter a chance to get to the employer first.

Following Up

After the candidate has turned in a resume and had an interview, he or she shouldn’t sit around waiting for the phone to ring. While it is not a good idea to pester potential employers, a follow up phone call or note thanking the employer for the interview makes a good impression and lets the employer know the candidate is serious about his or her interest in the job. Most interviewers appreciate the courtesy of a thank you note or call and it helps the candidate stand out from the competition.

Finding a job in the current job market may be difficult, but it is not impossible. By employing these and other strategies, job applicants can get potential employers to notice them. Many career sites offer advice on job hunting and the state unemployment office has support services and lists of jobs available in the area. Perseverance pays off so job hunters need to keep looking until they find employment and subsequently, cheap health insurance.