Free health insurance quote in a world where nothing seems free

Nothing makes me steam over with anger than when I have to pay for something that I think should be free: parking and samples are just some of the things I always hope to get for free.

We live in a world where companies are trying to make an extra buck my tacking on fees for everything. Earlier this year, airlines created a fee for ANY checked bag, not just a second checked bag fee. They already charge for the ridiculous headphones made our of foam and they began charging for drinks and snacks (is that not the best part about flying?). Even worse, some long flights are charging for meals. Really? Those meals are only a step above cardboard, but at least it is something to eat, and now they want your to pay for it? And some for more than $6? Please. Now you have to pay more for seats with more leg room or for an exit row. What happened to first come, first serve? And unaccompanied minors can cost up to $100 per flight. If that was not bad enough, airlines made even more headlines by charging for those thin blankets and pillows. Trust me, if I am going to buy something used, it won’t be a pillow from the airplane.

Banks and airlines must be colluding together to devise plans to charge consumers ridiculous fees. Banks have been charging unbelievable fees for years, and at least one who shall not be named was forced to repay more than one billion of its unlawfully and dishonestly charged overdraft fees. But that does not stop banks from charging for bill pay (really? you are charging me $7 a month to transfer money into some one’s account?) to online banking (checking my account balance online should NEVER cost!). It is enough to make anyone (especially a frugalista like me) crazy.

And a certain hamburger joint recently began charging for additional ketchup packets. Or being charged a service fee when purchasing movie tickets or concert tickets online. Even worse when it is in person. Or credit card fees with skyrocketing interest fees.

But what is the most frustrating is when you have to pay to find out how much something will cost. For example, I want to know how much health insurance will cost, “Sure thing, that will cost you $19.” We should never have to pay for things that should be free.

But you can get a free health insurance quote. Enter you zip code at the top of this page for a free health insurance quote in your area. Free. No strings attached. Not kidding.

And with service companies coming at us at every angle trying to milk any money they can out of us, it is nice to know you can still get somethings for free.