Health Insurance for Diabetics

A diagnosis of diabetes can mean a lifetime of finger-prick blood tests and insulin injections.  There is also a regime of doctor’s appointments and nutritionists’ visits to make.  In addition, diabetics are prone to more heart attacks, kidney failure, circulatory problems, diabetic retinopathy and more.  This can lead to very expensive medical costs and it is vital to have diabetic health insurance to cover the costs of prescriptions, insulin pumps and other medical services.

Ways to Make Insurance Premiums Lower

While Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent for life due to genetics. Type 2 diabetics have more options because they are made, not born. Getting healthy should be the primary goal of any diabetic. This means eating healthy, losing weight, checking blood sugar regularly and exercising on a regular basis.  The more conscientious a person is with their disease the better their health will be in the future.  With fewer health complications, diabetic health insurance premiums will be lower and the costs more affordable.

Getting Health Insurance Coverage for Diabetics

Over 26% of diabetics are below the poverty level and over 9% are uninsured.  Unfortunately these patients need daily access to diabetic supplies like insulin test strips, insulin, and blood meters.  They also need to be seen regularly by a doctor to prevent complications.  Over 27 million Americans currently have diabetes and another 78% have pre-diabetes.  Some of these people are not even aware that there is a problem.  Getting diabetic health care coverage for these people is of vital importance.

Pre-Existing Diabetic Condition Coverage

Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for a pre-existing condition as of 2014. Getting on an employer’s plan or purchasing a diabetic health insurance plan may provide restricted coverage for a period of time however.   This means that anything related to the diabetes during that time will not be covered by insurance, including any medications, hospital visits or doctor’s appointments.  Be sure to read through the policy and determine if there are any exclusions or waiting periods before purchasing the health insurance plan.

The Costs Involved in Diabetic Health Insurance

While it may be more expensive to purchase diabetic health care, the costs of not having it are far more expensive.  With so many potential complications and the high cost of medical care today diabetic patients can find themselves bankrupt without coverage.  The alternative is having their health deteriorate because of a lack of testing supplies.  Diabetes is seen as a self-managed diseased.  Therefore there are many insurance companies out there today who are willing to offer reasonable diabetic health insurance rates.

Health insurance is essential.  This is particularly true for someone who has a chronic condition like diabetes.  Getting diabetic health insurance quotes is a simple process and can be very necessary.  Get quotes from multiple companies through our online search form, compare the quotes, review the policies and purchase a plan today.  While some insurance companies may need a medical history, it is still very possible to get reasonable health insurance rates that can save you money over time.