How Does the Health Insurance Reform Act Affect My Health Insurance Rates?

The first stages of the Health Insurance Reform Act has only recently gone into effect, and many people find themselves confused about what it means to them. This new legislature will affect every American differently, and it is important to find out what changes may be necessary to stay in accordance with the new laws. One of the biggest ways the act may affect people is through health insurance rates nationwide.

Lower Premiums for Low-Income People

People who live near the poverty level can expect to get the greatest benefit out of the Health Insurance Reform Act, especially where health insurance rates are involved. They can expect lower premiums and out of pocket costs as well as better health care offered at each visit with the new incentives being implemented for doctors in every hospital in America. Middle class families may save as much as $2,300 a year in health insurance costs.

More Care Provided for the Price You Pay


No matter what your current premium is, the Health Insurance Reform Act will require your insurer to provide more care. For example, annual wellness visits and other preventative services will be mandatory in all health plans with no out of pocket costs necessary for people who choose to take advantage of these services. These out of pocket costs include both copayments and deductibles.

No More Limits

With the Health Insurance Reform Act in place, insurance companies will no longer be able to impose limits on the amount of coverage provided over a lifetime. This will stretch insurance dollars even farther than before, when it was possible for those with ongoing illnesses to exhaust the amount of care they were able to receive due to the limits on their insurance policies.

Easier Appeals Process

For the premium paid each month for health insurance, the Health Insurance Reform Act requires providers to make it easier for their customers to dispute coverage and plan denials. In a case where a health insurance provider refuses to offer coverage for medical care that a customer feels should be included in their plan, it will be easier than ever to make a claim against the company, even with the help of the state.

New Maximums for Insurance Premiums

The price people are expected to pay for health insurance in both premiums and out of pocket costs will be tied directly to their income, especially for those who are near the federal poverty level. Insurance companies are also being required to offer more services and benefits for their prices, especially those who provide for their customers through businesses, to improve the quality and level of health care available.

Of all the changes that will go into effect as a result of the Health Insurance Reform Act, people need to be most informed on how it will affect them individually – and the rates they pay each month. Those who are entitled to lower premiums and out of pocket costs need to make sure they are receiving the care for the price providers are required to by law to give them.