Make summer activities better with preparation

It is easy to get lost in the lazy days of summer, living each day without any real plans. This has not been that kind of summer for me.

Recently I have become a part of a local Cub Scout pack as a volunteer committee member. This opportunity has helped me see and understand that first, cub scouts is about having fun with a purpose, and second, it is necessary to plan ahead and be prepared in order to make activities fun and meaningful for the scouts and leaders. For example dens (a smaller sub group of 5-8 scouts and 2 leaders) are supposed to fill out a tour plan when they go to any day or over night activities or events. The tour plan requires certain training be completed by the leaders, scouts have medical release forms, and that leaders who drive the boys there have proper driver’s license and auto insurance coverage. It even asks that leaders take basic first aid kits.


Like I mentioned earlier cub scouts are about having fun meaningful activities for young boys and that it requires preparation and planning ahead to make the most out of those activities. I would like to give some ideas and suggestions for youth groups to have fun and safe trips this summer.


Planning and preparation go a long way

I think it may go with out saying that planning travel and activities saves time, headaches, and even money and planning for youth trips is no different. Start by making an outline of what the trip should accomplish, how much it will cost and who is going. The next step is to make packing lists for the youth, the leaders, and for group as a whole. If you are dealing with a big group it is best to divide the group into subgroups and have specific instructions for each groups’ responsibilities.


Proper medical forms, documents and insurance coverage

Youth groups need to be sticklers when it comes to being cautious and prepared because you are dealing with young people. That is why I recommend having proper medical information, release forms and health insurance coverage in advance and easily accessible when going to events and activities. This saves time, money, headaches and most importantly it can save a life. The second part of proper forms is to make sure that leaders who are traveling with the youth are also properly certified or trained whether it is CPR, swimming, rock climbing or even just a hike. This includes having proper private health insurance, auto insurance and valid driver’s license.


Make it fun

Having good, fun and wholesome activities for youth is essential for their growth and development as a person. I think most will agree that is why planning and preparation are important for making that happen. An important thing to remember is that there will be bumps in the road and that plans need to be flexible able to change if the circumstance warrants. So make it simple, have a purpose and have fun!