Stay Healthy, Lower your health insurance. part 1

Did you know that you can lower the cost of your health insurance plans by living a healthy lifestyle? There are some medical conditions that can increase the price of your health insurance that you can’t control, i.e. preexisting or hereditary conditions. However, there are things you can control that improve your healthy lifestyle that can keep you out of the doctor’s office and not spending all of your head earned money.

Drink lots of water.

I know, I know. Your doctor’s urging to drink more water is about as redundant and cliche as eating all of your veggies. But, it DOES keep you healthier.

Did you know that drinking water can help you lose and maintain a healthy weight? A study found that people who drank water before their meals lost more weight than those who did not. Relying on the theory that water takes up more room in the stomach may sound a little off to some. But think about this: often times your body signals that it is hungry, when in reality you are just thirsty. Keep hydrated and avoid unnecessary snacking is sure to help you lose some pounds.

Another weight loss trick is to reach for a glass of water instead of a soda. Not only is water more refreshing for your body, soda can also reek havoc on your teeth. The phosphoric acid (yes, your soda has ACID in it) eats up your stomach and erodes your teeth. Yuck.

Drinking enough water also prevents dehydration. Now, if you are thinking that dehydration means you’re a wee bit parched, I’ve got another story for you. Dehydration can be responsible for headaches, back pain and even kidney failure in some extreme cases. Your body is 75% water, and it needs the right concentrations of chemicals. When your body loses a lot of water and it never replenishes, it literally freaks out! If you are sweating more or spend a lot of time in the sun, you could lose even more of the water in your body. Dehydration is completely avoidable if you drink water consistently.

Drinking water can also relieve fatigue. Water flushes out your toxins. It is also essential for your muscles. When you are even slightly dehydrated, you will find difficulty doing daily tasks, especially exercising.

And for those who are purely vain, water also makes your skin look better. Not only does it moisturize your skin’s elasticity, it helps you look fresher and younger.

While some say that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, it is important to find the right amount for your body. If you drink too much, your body will just flush it out.

Find it hard to remember to drink more water? Here are some tips.
– Always carry around a water bottle. You will find yourself reaching for it more often than not.

– Don’t like the taste of plain water? Add a lime, lemon or even a strawberry to freshen up the taste.

– Develop the habit. Set a timer. It may sound extreme, but if you set a timer to drink every hour you will develop the habit.