The True Cost of a Health Insurance Plan

You are thinking about buying some low cost health insurance and that is why you are here. Good choice. The question, though, is not do you need a health insurance plan; it is can you afford the monthly premiums?

I would like to tell you a personal story. My son was out playing on his bike and he hit a rock. He just tipped over and fell on his arm. When my wife and I looked at his arm, we could see that it was broken.

We took him to the hospital where we spent about 3 hours. The break was more than just a hairline fracture and it took a specialist to set and cast it. We told them that we didn’t have any family health insurance and asked to give us any price break they could. They agreed to give us a discount.

It wasn’t long before we got the bill and it was for $5,000.00. That was a lot of money, but we knew that it was going to be expensive. We even thought that it was reasonable until we looked at all the charges. I do not remember most of them, but one I will never forget was the cost of two aspirin. They were $110.00 each. It took us 2 years to pay that bill.

Now when I look at the monthly cost of my family health insurance I measure it by the number of aspirin. My monthly payments seem like cheap insurance.  If you would like to obtain affordable health insurance for your family be sure to head over to our quote form and see how much you can save today!