Where to Find a Health Insurance Rating Information

dreamstimefree_5316448If you are looking for health insurance coverage and don’t know where to start, here is one idea that can help you.  Go to J.D. Powers and Associates website and click on health care.  You will get a list of states, since insurance is regional and not every company sells coverage in every state.  Click on your state or the state you are interested in researching.  You will get a list of all the health insurance carriers for your state.  Although you will not find all names in every state, you will find a lot of the same names through all the states.  Some states may have carriers specific to that state or region.

Each company listed will be given a health insurance rating based on eight different categories.  The categories are overall experience, coverage and benefits, provider choice (number of physicians you can choice from), information and communication, claims processing, statement quality, customer service and approval process (fairness with what they will cover and who they will cover).  All of these categories are given a rating based on a five dot scale.  Five dots is among the best. Four dots means that it’s better than most.  Three dots means above average. Two dots is below average and one obviously is not good at all.

The health insurance rating information included in J.D. Powers report is taken from people who actually have or had these insurance plans.  It is one of the more reliable sources for rating information.  They are not selling insurance just giving user feedback.  The best way to rate insurance coverage and insurance companies is to get information directly from those who have experienced it.  You obviously want to choice the company in your area that is rated the highest in the areas that are  most important to you, if not all the areas.

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