Who Should Have Worldwide Health Insurance?

Many people travel outside their own country for vacations.  When traveling to a foreign country, even if it is for two weeks, you should get travel insurance to cover any unexpected medical costs you may incur while away.  However, if you travel for business outside your home country on a frequent basis, you should have worldwide health insurance.  This is insurance that will cover you almost anywhere you travel.  If you work for a company that requires that you travel to a division you have in China several times a year, you need to have worldwide health insurance.  If you travel to two or three different countries throughout the year, you need to have this coverage.

Some people make the mistake of assuming that when they are traveling for business, that their major medical plan from their employer will cover all the medical needs.  This is not the case. Major medical plans will cover your medical expenses in your home region or your home country. Most do not provide any coverage inside of a foreign country.

If you travel to a country that has socialized medicine don’t be under the false assumption that you also will receive treatment for free in that region. If you are not a citizen of the country, you will be expected to pay for all your medical expenses yourself at the time of service. Many people have had to learn this the hard way.  If you are traveling in a foreign country on a regular basis you need to have worldwide health insurance if you expect to get help with medical expenses in that country.  If you plan to travel just once for a short period of time, purchase travel insurance.  However, if you will be making regular trips overseas, you will save money by just getting a worldwide health insurance plan.

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