Tips for getting a better rate on your health insurance

Tips for getting a better rate on your health insurance

Health insurance can be expensive these days. It is estimated that health costs have tripled in the last twenty years or so. And it does not look like they are going to be getting cheaper or even slowing down anytime soon. However, the benefits of having health insurance are very important especially if you have an emergency, get sick or, an accident. So I have put together some tips on how to save some money and get a better rate on your health insurance.

By being a healthier person in general

This is a good idea regardless of saving money because those who are healthier in general tend to be happier. But, it can also save you money in a few different ways. The first is that your carriers usually give you a discount for not smoking, using tobacco, and even by buying a gym pass, actually going to the gym is probably a good thing to do anyway. The second way you save money by being healthier is that you will tend to have fewer visits to the doctor for non emergency things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart problems. Needless to say a little exercise and better eating can go along way for in helping you be healthier and in saving money.


Get quotes from multiply carriers

Getting multiple quotes is a not just a good idea from contractors, mechanics or car dealers it is a good practice to do when you are shopping for health insurance. It might surprise you what discounts are out there and the disparity in prices despite having very similar if not the same coverage. I thought I was getting the best rate on one of my insurance policies and had the same carrier for several years when I decided to just take a look a round and got a few quotes and I find a policy with the exact same coverage for hundreds less per year. My old carrier wouldn’t match so I switch. And maybe they will miss me enough to lure me back in a few months or so. The point is to get multiple quotes.


Identify benefits that you do not use

A good way to save some and get a better rate on your health insurance is to identify benefits that you are paying for but do not or will not be using. I think it probably goes without saying that paying for something that you do not use or need is upsetting if not maddening at least I definitely think it is. Some examples could be natal benefits or coverage for having a baby especially if you are not going to be having any more kids.


I know if you think about it long enough you will come up with many innovative ways to save money on your health insurance rates. I hope these tips have been useful to you and good luck saving!