3 ways the internet makes your life easier

As someone from generation Y, I cannot remember a time when there was not internet.  Living without internet was either before my time, or before I was old enough to remember. I distinctly remember sitting in my dad’s office and waiting for the internet to dial up so I could check my very first email account. While my internet usage was pretty limited those first couple of years, it would be hard to imagine my life without internet. I use it almost exclusively at work, and use it for a lot of my leisure as well. All in all, the internet has made my life easier. Here are a few ways it can make your life easier too.

  • Knowledge is power. The internet opened up the free flow of knowledge like never before. You can find blogs, news stations, free e-books on any topic that you can imagine. Without the internet, we were stuck with information found in print form which can be pricey. Information on the internet is not bound by that physical limitation, so it can be available for anyone anywhere. But one of the best parts about free knowledge is the ability to compare and contrast. Before the internet, you would have to read your local newspaper to get the information which keeps you at the will of the reporter/editor in your town. However, now you can compare different points of view and find a more  balanced picture.
  • Internet takes shopping to a whole new level. Gone are the days that you have to actually get dressed to go shopping. Many stores boast that you can ‘shop in your underwear’ from home. With one click of a button you can have anything from movies to clothes to diapers shipped directly to your house. One of the best perks about shopping online is that you can compare and contrast items. When shopping in a store you can only compare what is right in front of you. Online, you can compare things side by side to determine which option is best for you. You can even compare insurance online. Nothing is easier than finding a free health insurance quote online. Enter in your ZIP code above and you can compare and contrast which health insurance options are best for you AND for the price that works best for you.
  • Increased communication. While many argue that technology has decreased face to face communication (and I think that is a valid argument), it has increased communication more than ever before. It used to be that communicating was by phone or mail, which can be slow. The internet has introduced many other forms of communication that made it convenient to converse with one another when it is convenient to do so. Talking on the phone only works if both people can talk right then. An email can be sent for one quick thought when you are thinking about it. And video chat has made living far away from family not seem like such a big sacrifice.