Use the internet: Health insurance quotes online

The Internet has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years. Now almost a quarter of the whole entire world’s population has access to the internet. For someone who has grown up with every home having a computer and internet access might see this as a given, but for many the boom of the internet has drastically changed how many people choose to spend their time and in many other ways.

My grandma makes jokes about how in her day they used pencil and paper to do their school work. I remember taking a computer class in second grade. Sure, the computers are much different now but it is light years away from using a typewriter. It seems like now days, schools are upgrading to computers in every classroom and some, like Payson High School in Utah, have invested in the newest technology by providing iPads for their students to learn on. Internet has drastically changed research for students, allowing them to tap into databases from all over the world without having to even crack open a book or step into the library. With information at their finger tips, students can increase their knowledge with just one click.

Internet has also changed the face of shopping. No longer do you have to brave the crowded stores and search through piles of clothes only to not find your size. Many have adopted the “shop in your underwear” mantra, implying that you can go shopping anytime, anywhere you have access to the internet. Almost every brand, especially the most major and reputable brands, has online purchasing through their Web site and most have great exchange policies. Shopping online has never been so great until Christmas shopping was popularized online. The UPS truck visited my parent’s house almost everyday during December, dropping off their holiday treasures. They did not have to brave the icy, cold weather or overcrowded stores to get everything on their wish list.

Almost everything can be purchased online: clothes, food, pets and more. One of the easiest things to get is health insurance quotes online. The stereotypical insurance salesman at an insurance agency is just that: a salesman. His job is to push and sell to get his commission. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with selling something, but I hate being pushed into something. And when you are in person, it is hard to compare rates side by side. With, you can enter in your Zip code and be linked to insurance options just for you. You can compare them side by side and decide what works for you and your budget, not just what a salesman can convince you to buy. This allows you to be free of pressure and decide what really works for you.

The internet can have its downfalls, it can be addicting. Web surfing can last for hours and online video games can suck you in. But with all the downfalls, the internet has connected many people and revolutionized how we spend time.