Flexible Spending Accounts

When people talked about their flexible spending account (FSA), I always wondered if it was right for me. But I didn’t want to take the time to investigate and I … Continued

A Health Insurance Quote

I am a salesman by trade, but when I was much younger, I had a job offer to sell insurance. I spent 3 months going into people’s homes with very … Continued

U.S. Maternal Mortality

From January to August of 2008, over 2 million homeowners received foreclosure notices. What health insurance coverage do they have? How many of them have children? How many of them … Continued

Prenatal Care Coverage Crisis

There are few times when consistent medical care is needed as when a woman is pregnant. It has been shown that women who do not receive prenatal care are twice … Continued

Medical Ghouls

It’s November, which means it’s time to evaluate our family health insurance coverage offered by my wife’s company. I thought the scariness of Halloween was over.  Boy, was I wrong. … Continued

CEOs Helping with Health Insurance

CEOs Helping with Health Insurance Chief Executive Officers of leading American companies with nearly 10 million employees convened to improve America’s dire health insurance problems. Business Roundtable, an association of … Continued

Is Socialized Medicine the Answer?

Is Socialized Medicine the Answer? Americans are rightly worried about the economy…and it doesn’t seem to be getting better fast. One of the chief domestic worries Americans is the high … Continued

America’s Uninsured Statistics

America’s Uninsured Statistics The Census Bureau last reported in 2007 that over 47 million people lack health insurance. The new statistic is an increase from 2005 Census numbers showing America’s … Continued