Cheap Car Insurance for Women

Some women claim that females are better drivers than their male counterparts—a fact that should be reflected in lower auto insurance premiums. Unfortunately, while gender is not directly a factor in calculating insurance premiums, there are other demographics to keep in mind when shopping for cheap car insurance for women, and with a little bit of research, good deals can be found on car insurance for women.

In most cases, car insurance for women is priced slightly lower than insurance for the men of the same age. Statistically, women are involved in fewer accidents than men and tend to have fewer traffic violations. Since insurers base their rates on the risk of drivers being involved in accidents, women enjoy lower premium rates although as women drive more miles the rate gap between men and women is getting smaller.

Age before Beauty

In the world of car insurance for women, older is better. Ladies over the age of 25 will be viewed as less of a risk than those under 25. Teens are seen as the greatest risk of all.  Young people who are married are considered more stable than those who are unmarried. Men and women between 55 and 65 with a clean driving record are viewed most favorably of all by auto insurance companies, and they should comparison shop different carriers to find the best deal. Drivers over 65 are considered higher risk due to age-related health problems.

Soccer Moms Score

Moms who have to ferry their kids around in minivans may not love their bulky ride, but they might be able to save money on auto insurance. Luxury vehicles are difficult to repair, sports cars are viewed as more accident prone, and SUVs are likely to cause more damage in an accident. Older vehicles are typically worth less and are less likely to be financed, so they are less expensive to insure. Finally, additional safety features like antilock brakes, passive restraint, and an alarm system makes cars more appealing to insurance companies.

Defensive Driving Discounts

Some states mandate that insurers offer a 10% discount for up to three years to drivers who complete a defensive driving course. The courses only take about 8 hours, are available online or in classrooms and are reasonably priced. Even in states which don’t mandate the discount, most insurance companies voluntarily offer it to their policyholders. Car insurance for women is even cheaper if a woman takes the time for a defensive driving course every three years.

Safe Drivers Cash In

A safe driving record is a major factor when looking for cheap car insurance for women. Most states use a point system to assign points to drivers based on traffic violations. In order to receive a safe driver discount, a driver must be without any accidents or traffic citations on his or her driving record for between 3 and 5 years.  Auto insurance companies have a right to access their customers’ driving records and can raise insurance rates for bad driving. Sometimes, points can be removed by going to traffic school. The best thing a woman can do to keep her car insurance premiums lower is to be a good driver.

Some car insurance companies, like Progressive, offer a special “snapshot” discount. A device is provided for the car which records the driving habits of the insured and based on the results offered by the device, the driver may qualify for this special discount.

Those Pesky Kids

Teenage children create a whole host of troubles, including more expensive car insurance for women. First, parents should always add their teenagers to their insurance policy once they receive their permit or license. If the teen wrecks the family car without being on the policy, the claim could be denied, or parents could even be charged with insurance fraud. Students with good grades who take driving courses can receive discounts from some insurance providers. Parents can also assign their teenage children to older, less valuable vehicles to reduce insurance premiums.

Organizations and Associations

Some organizations enter into agreements with insurance companies to offer discounts to their members. AAA (Automobile Association of American) members usually qualify for car insurance discounts. AARP (American Association of Retired People) also offers its members special deals through certain automobile insurers. Check with organizations like labor unions and civic groups to see if members get car insurance discounts.

Cars with Safety Features

Installing safety equipment, like LATCH (child safety device) can result in discounted insurance premiums. Side curtain airbags, anti-lock breaks, collision avoidance systems and rear view cameras may also help to reduce the cost of car insurance for women. Driving a family car like a minivan, crossover or SUV can also save money on car insurance provided they do not fall into the luxury class. In 2010, the Cadillac Escalade (SUV) was one of the most expensive vehicles to insure.

Finding Discounts

Women who also have home or life insurance may qualify for customer loyalty discounts if they purchase all their policies from a single company. Some companies also offer incentives or discounts to drivers who renew their auto policy, so it’s a good idea to check with the company for discounts before changing car insurance carriers.

Find a Deal

Once a woman assesses her demographic characteristics in regards to auto insurance, she should comparison shop for different carriers rather than taking the first price she’s quoted. She can go to an independent agent who can shop around for her and provide her with different quotes, or she can shop online which is often cheaper. She can also increase the deductible she’s willing to pay—higher deductibles lead to lower premiums. Finally, she should assess her suitability for different discounts offered by different carriers. Please fill out the form on the top of this page to get free affordable insurance quotes.