Expatriate Health Insurance

Insurance is important for everyone to have, especially expatriates who are living or working in a foreign country. Expatriates can purchase many different types of insurance just like citizens still living in the U.S. While health insurance is one of the most important types of coverage anyone can have, expatriates can also benefit from policies for personal property and liability protection, dental coverage, and standard car insurance among others.

General Expatriate Insurance Information

An insurance policy for an expatriate can be expected to provide coverage for the full duration of their stay, but in order to get the best results the policy should be arranged for prior to the relocation. Insurance policies for expatriates can be obtained for 6-month or annual periods. As with any other type of insurance it is very important to obtain the policy from a well-known and reputable company, comparing quotes and reading reviews online. This can help lower the risk of being taken in by an unethical and unfair insurer.

Specialty Insurance

Health, auto and personal property and liability protection policies are available to expatriates. There are also additional policies for special cases such as traveling to high-risk countries and areas of the world. Some of these include protection against damages incurred by war, terrorism, kidnapping and ransom and other issues. Specialty expatriate insurance may not be necessary when traveling to all areas of the world, but it can be a good safeguard for unexpected happenings.

Health Insurance

An expatriate should look into an individual international health insurance policy if not already protected by group health insurance. This type of policy offers global medical protection even including emergency evacuation services. Expatriate international health insurance plans are generally direct-pay with global hospital networks and are portable worldwide. This means that the policy holder will be able to travel from one foreign country to another without losing their health coverage.

Getting International Health Insurance

In order to get an international health insurance plan the policy applicant will have to submit their personal information, including their medical history, for their premium payments to be calculated. An international health insurance plan usually offers worldwide or worldwide except the United States coverage. This is due to the fact that the United States has the highest medical care costs in the world. For those traveling or relocating for only a short period of time a travel medical policy might be beneficial in case of minor accident or illness.

Expatriate health insurance is a must for those who live and work in foreign countries. It can be tailored to suit a number of needs and can be there to take care of things when you become ill or get hurt beyond the borders of your home country.