Good news dads: you are less likely to die from a heart attack

Becoming a dad. A huge milestone compared to marrying the love of your life, buying a house or nabbing your dream job. But different than those other milestones, becoming a father is a lifelong thing. Once it happens, you are never going back. Once a father, always a father.

The affect of having a good father is distinctly measurable. A strong male influence can make a very big difference in the life of a child.

Recently a study came out that gave dad’s a little shame. The study argued that men who are father’s have less testosterone than their non-father counterparts. Ouch. Now add in images of a testosterone filled night with drinking and ladies compared to changing diapers and cleaning up spit up. That is enough to make any potential father go running for the hills.

But another study came out by the AARP and assisting universities state that being a father can be life saving. How so? Dads are less likely to die of heart problems. Can they prove that being a dad causes a man to live longer? Nope. But he will be less likely to die from a cardiovascular disease or disorder.  But this finding goes hand in hand with other findings like being married, having a pet or being a social butterfly with plenty of friends can have heart healthy benefits. So the study argues that being a dad gives a man purpose and a reason to live. All in all, pretty overall healthy feelings.

Another argument: good genes make babies. Having a hard time conceiving? Your genes may be weak which could also show a weakness in overall heart health.

While you should not go out and make a baby just so you can reduce your risk of death from a heart attack, here are some things to do to prepare for potential or impending fatherhood.

  • Get a job. This goes with the cliche of a deadbeat dad, but let’s be real, to be an effective father you need to be able to provide for your child. Does that mean million dollar sweet sixteen parties? Absolutely not. But enough for the child’s basic needs is enough. Save money for a rainy day fund for your child and use extra funds to save for your kid’s college fund.
  • Get really good health insurance. You can purchase affordable health insurance plans that will help you pay for the hospital stay when the baby is born, pre and post birth doctor appointments and so forth. A healthy baby is a happy baby. If you avoid going to the doctor because of expensive health care costs, you will run the risk of harming your baby.
  • Do your research. Everyone has a different opinion on how to raise a child, if you should vaccinate, how you will discipline and more. Read everything you can. Take notes on parents you admire. But make the decision as a couple.

Ready to take the plunge and become a dad? Make sure you are ready. And if you are, good luck!