Healthy eating on the run: Part 2

Having health insurance has benefited me in many ways. I have a peace of mind that I did not have when I was uninsured. I do not panic every time I get sick, because I know that I can visit the doctor without serious consequences to my bank account.

My financial security is another benefit. My visits to the doctor are covered under my discount health insurance, which in the end saves me a pretty penny.

But the benefit I value the most is how much my health insurance strives to take care of the policy holders. Sure, the want us healthy because it is more financially stable for them, but I am happy to reap the rewards.

The big push this month is to be healthy for summer. It almost seems like healthy habits get thrown to the wind during the summer months. Between barbecues featuring hamburgers and hotdogs, and lessons galore, healthy eating on the run almost seems impossible. My health insurance seems to think that is not such a big deal. And neither do I. Here are some tips to help you through the summer months, but still eat healthy.

  • Level out unhealthy food with healthy food. Sure, a hamburger every so often won’t kill you. But it is not the most healthy thing you can eat. Help counteract those “bad” foods with healthier options. Fill up your plate with good sides like fruits and veggies. And make sure not to skimp on the good fixings. If you are going to have a hamburger, you might as well get your veggie servings with tomatoes, lettuce or peppers.
  • Summer is the perfect time to up your veggie intake. The easiest and most satisfying way is to grow a garden. While it might take a little extra work to maintain your garden, you can reap the benefits all summer long. You will save money after your initial investment, and it is surprisingly satisfying to ‘live off of your land.”
  • Be  mindful when you eat out. Summer is almost synonymous with dining al fresco. But that does not mean you have to throw healthy eating out the window. The easiest way to still eat what you want without over indulging is to split an order with someone. Not only is this good for your waistline, it is also good for your wallet. If your dining companions will not split with you, separate your meal in half and take the leftovers home with you.
  • Avoid sugary drinks. Nothing says summer like sipping a pina colada next to the pool, but that the quickest way to ruin your healthy eating. Sugary drinks, including cocktails, are empty calories that leave you hungry. Sure, enjoy a snow cone or two, but limit yourself, especially with alcoholic beverages.
  • Always pack a snack. With almost all of the produce being in season, you have no excuse not to pack good snacks. An apple, cut up carrots, or even a few pre-washed strawberries are the perfect remedy to the summer munchies.