Start eating healthy in your youth: we’re talking to you, college students

There are a lot of costs associated with being a student: rent, food, tuition, textbooks, entertainment, gas, etc. And with it being so difficult to work full time and do well in school, many students forgo important and necessary things like student health insurance and healthy eating. These two go more hand in hand than you would think.

As I talked about yesterday, there are 40 Age-Erasing Super foods. While it students might feel it would be too soon for students to start thinking about age erasing foods. Well, I have got news for them. It is time to start eating healthy, regardless of fear of aging.

This age erasing super food is good for all ages.

#3. Tomatoes.

Tomatoes are great for you. While they are better when they are fresh ad not canned, some tomato is better than none at all. Lycopene causes the red pigment in the tomators and is the most popular thing about tomatoes. Lycopene is an antioxidant (which helps repair bad cells and prevents any new damage) that fights specifically against cancerous cells. Tomatoes also purify your blood and help prevent gallstones in your liver.

Need to add some tomatoes in your diet? Some helpful tips:

  • Grow a garden. It might sounds like a lot of work, especially for a student. But a tomato plant can be grown in a pot on a porch or a deck. It makes it easier to eat a tomato when it is growing for free on your back porch. Growing your own produce also lets you control if you put pesticides in your soil or not.
  • Make salsa! Homemade salsa is not only so good, it is really healthy for you. Roma tomatoes are perfect for salsa and you can make them as chunky as you want. Toss in other veggies from your garden like onions, peppers and jalapenos. Salsa is great for chips, topped on chicken or steak, or mixed in an omelet.
  • Toss some in a salad. This one might be an obvious one. But if you have a salad everyday before your lunch and dinner, topped with a tomato, you will be in good shape. Just lay off the fattening dressing. You don’t want to cancel out to good the tomato is doing. 🙂
  • Make an omelet. Omelets are a great way to experiment when cooking. Practically any veggie tastes great mixed in an omelet, especially tomatoes. Some people swear by smothering their scrambled eggs in salsa.
  • Layer a tomato on your favorite sandwich. If you can handle a veggie sandwich, tomatoes, sprouts, peppers and cucumbers make a great sandwich. But for those who need a little more meat, toss some of your favorite veggies on top of your cold cut for some extra vitamins and nutrition.
  • Make your own red sauce. Add some fresh herbs and crushed tomatoes from your garden and you have a healthy, delicious pasta or pizza topping that is to die for.