How to Get Health Insurance for your Employees

One sure fire way to increase employee morale is to provide employee benefits, since health insurance is one of the most sought after company benefits available. Employers may benefit from knowing that purchasing health insurance for employees does not have to be an overwhelming job. Employers can work with a health insurance agent who can lead the process, help with paperwork, and narrow down options. Additionally, as a, due to health reform there are now some tax incentives for employers to encourage them to provide health insurance for employees.

Work with an Agent

Getting health insurance for employees is much less stressful when the employer uses an insurance agent. Typically, insurance agents can help with shopping around for the best rates and the best options available at more than one insurance company. Agents can do much of the leg work involved in arranging the quotes and they can answer questions about what policies will cover for the employees. Agents generally take on much of the paperwork involved as well, which eases a lot of stress.

Fill out Group Census

The first step in getting quotes for employer provided group health insurance is to fill out a group census form. The group census form gathers all of the necessary information about each employee into one convenient location. The insurance agent then uses the information on the census to get the most accurate quotes for the company. The census form also provides helpful information for starting the application process when a plan has been chosen.

Choose Insurance Company

As a whole, there are many insurance companies from which employers can choose, so selecting the best insurance company involves some research. The research can be done by the employer or with the help of an insurance agent. Again, insurance agents often work with many companies so they can cut the research time down considerably. Another way to get the necessary information about various health insurance companies is to have a representative from each insurance company put together a proposal of services and rates.

Select Policy

Once the policy has been selected, the paperwork begins; once completed, it is submitted to the insurance company for underwriting. The underwriting process for group health insurance is much less complicated because employees are not at risk of being denied coverage or rated up based on individual medical conditions. Once the policy has been approved, the insurance company sends out the policies and insurance cards, and the plans are established for how the company will pay premiums.

Employees are statistically more likely to continue working for a company that provides benefits. Thanks to health reform changes, employers can receive incentives on their taxes for providing coverage to employees. Group insurance is not at all difficult to set up because the health insurance agent does much of the work. Furthermore, providing health insurance coverage is a great way to keep employees healthy, happy, and to lower the company turnover rate.