How to Get Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance is coverage for students while they are in college, which is a transitional period for most kids. Most colleges provide student health insurance options for students to choose from and purchase, but it is not necessarily the best choice for every student. Students should evaluate and compare health insurance policies offered by their college with other options available to them to optimize their protection from financial loss should they need medical care. Applying for student health insurance is relatively simple for the majority of students who sign up for a policy.

What is Student Health Insurance?

Student health insurance is coverage that is offered to students who are enrolled in a college or university, so the benefits and limitations of the policies are typically set by the university. This type of health insurance provides a convenient way for students to obtain coverage once they are off their parents’ plans. This coverage also helps students protect themselves from being subject to having to pay for health care needs out of pocket. It is important for students to protect themselves because they do not want to start life after college severely in debt due to medical obligations.

Choosing a Plan

Typically students have a couple of options regarding their student health insurance, and they need to research each one carefully. Frequently, student health insurance is limited in some areas, so students need to be aware of these limitations. It is fair to compare student health insurance policies with other options, including private or individual health insurance. Also, now that children can remain on their parents’ policy until age 26, the amount of young students with health insurance may increase significantly.

Application Process

The application process for student health insurance may seem overwhelming but students should not let that prevent them from protecting themselves. It is necessary to take the time to answer the questions on the application accurately and honestly. Once the application is completed, it is submitted and forwarded to the underwriting team. Once approved, the policy will be given to the student along with all required insurance cards and policy paperwork.

Individual Coverage vs. Student Health Insurance

Because student health insurance is often limited, students should understand that the benefits with individual coverage may be more advantageous. Students can easily shop around for rates with with different insurance companies, and compare the benefits between the plans. Insurance agents can answer questions and so can the companies for which they work. Students can even run health insurance quotes online and get competitive quotes for multiple companies at one time.

Students need health insurance coverage; colleges provide health insurance options to students to help prevent them from going without coverage. Student health insurance is great for students who are unable to be on their parents’ health insurance policy, especially since this type of coverage is typically less expensive than other options. That being said, student health insurance may have some hefty limitations so it is important for students to compare the policies available to them with other options.