How to Reduce Your Health Insurance Price

Do you want to find a way to save money on your health insurance premiums?  There are several things you can do to reduce your health insurance price.  If you currently have the most coverage possible you may want to consider reducing some of it and covering some of your medical costs out-of-pocket.  If your current coverage has a $100 deductible and then the insurance company starts paying 80% of your medical expenses up to a set amount, you may want to increase the deductible.  If you can afford to pay the first $1000 of your medical expenses yourself, you can significantly reduce your health insurance price.

If you are a smoker, you can quit smoking and after a certain period of time let your insurance company know that you have quit and they may reduce your insurance premiums. If you are overweight, lose weight and keep the weight off.  If you can show your insurance company that you are serious about maintaining a healthier weight, they should also reduce your premiums.

Doctor’s office visits are sometimes a benefit on some insurance plans. The insurance company will be the larger portion of office visits after you pay a small co-payment.  You can drop coverage for doctors office visits from your plan and you can reduce the health insurance price you pay. If you have maternity coverage on your plan and you don’t plan to have more children, dropping this coverage will also reduce your overall insurance premiums.

Medical expenses are increasing on a regular basis and show no signs of slowing down, so the more responsibility you take for staying healthy and paying some of the routine costs of your health care the more you can save on your health insurance price. Adopting a healthier lifestyle will also help you to save more money on premiums and just overall medical expenses.

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