How to save money on practically everything

Money is tight for many people. Mix the bad economy (isn’t it about time it was on the upside?) and rising food prices, everyone is trying to save or make an extra buck.

I like to think that I am frugal, not cheap.I feel like saving is my middle name. And all it takes it a little extra work and you too can be a saver. I promise. You can do it.

Here are some tried and true ways to save on your budget:

* Coupons. I love coupons. You can find them online through couponing sites or from the company’s site. Many Sunday newspapers have coupon inserts. You can layer manufacturer coupons with store coupons and get even better deals. Even better, use your coupons when the item you want is on sale. However, there is one caution: just because you have a coupon does not mean you need to buy it. Only buy what you need and what you will use. If not, you will just be wasting money. Also note, that coupons sometimes are for junk food. Only buy what you need.
* Shop around for insurance. You can get inexpensive health insurance, car insurance and home insurance if you shop around. Compare rates, ask for insurance quotes and do your research. You can save hundreds every year if you compare insurance rates.
* Get rid of cable. Let’s be honest, there is not anything that great on TV anyway. Just kidding. Well, kind of. Getting rid of cable it a double whammy. First, you will save a boat load of cable TV costs. You can watch most TV shows online for free. And those you cannot, you could buy a monthly DVD service like Netflix. Now for the other benefit: I am sure that you (and trust me, I do it too) spend too much time watching TV. And is it really what you want to watch or are you just channel surfing? By cutting out your regular TV service, you will be less likely to just veg out in front of the TV watching nothing it particular. See? Double whammy.
* Buy food through a co-op. What’s a co-op? Co-op is short for cooperation. Many food co-ops work like this: people pool their money together and buy food at a bulk discount. I participate in a co-op where I pay $15 and get $40 worth of produce. It is a great way to save money on food. Co-ops can be for many different types of food: meat, grains, you name it.
* Eat from home. What? Just eat from home and save money? Let’s just say you eat out everyday for lunch, $10 a meal that is $50 a week. If you brown bag it, you will save at least $40 every week. And that is a low estimate. Eating at home is the quickest way to save money. And it is healthier and better for you too. You decide what you put in your food, giving you control.