Is it a Good Idea to Buy Car Insurance Online?

Although many people are hesitant to buy car insurance online, it is the very same insurance they would buy through an agent without the commission most agents charge. Consumers who are not sure about how much insurance to purchase or whether they should purchase optional coverages can usually find useful information through helpful articles that are available on car insurance and consumer websites. Using the internet to locate auto insurance rates also offers the ability to compare prices and aspects of different policies in an ‘apples to apples’ way. This could help you get the best policy for your situation.

Reasons for buying car insurance online

It’s Easy

Reason number one why you should choose to get your auto insurance quotes online is that it is easy. If you wanted to find out all of the information relating to several different insurance plans in person, it would most likely take you several days and a lot of driving. Performing research online is so much faster; all you have to do is search a few different insurance companies and all the information you need is right there. It is also possible to view reviews on each company to see how they handle claims.

Comparison Sites

The second reason why it is a good idea to get auto insurance quotes online is the availability of comparison sites like this one. It’s possible to easily compare the rates of different companies, as well as the different levels of coverage to see exactly what you can afford. Even independent insurance agents usually only deal with a few companies which limits consumer choices.

It also gives consumers greater freedom in choosing insurance companies and the types of coverage they want or need for the best protection.

Finding Discounts

Another beautiful aspect of locating auto insurance quotes online is that you will often find discounts that you may not have even known had existed. Examples could be good driver discounts, low mileage discounts, senior discounts, vehicle safety discounts, good student discounts and multiple car discounts. By comparing different discounts from different companies online, you can clearly see which could apply to your situation. Buying insurance online also saves you money by eliminating the agent’s commission.

Instant Approval

Many companies that offer auto insurance quotes online will also offer instant approvals if you meet the requirements. This can be helpful in situations where you must have insurance as soon as possible, like if you are going on a trip and may need to prove to the police that you have insurance. The policy is available almost instantly and proof of insurance can be printed immediately so drivers can get on the road without any delay.

Save Paper

Signing up for auto insurance online also saves paper and therefore helps out the environment. When you visit an insurance agent in person they will probably give you a large stack of papers to fill out and then give you an equally large packet that explains your coverage. By signing up online and using a digital signature you can get all of this information without wasting an entire forest. It also means less paper you have to store at home.

Customer Service

Agents usually have the advantage of offering good customer service, but many insurers that sell direct to the public provide excellent customer service. The consumer websites, JD Powers and AM Best offer rankings for car insurance companies based on factors like price, customer service and policy offerings. named GEICO and Progressive Insurance as top companies for customer service and both insurers offer car insurance policies to consumers online.

Some tips on the way

Company Reputation

Sometimes the lowest rates for car insurance are offered by small regional companies that are not ranked on consumer websites. Consumers can contact their state department of insurance for information on these companies. The local Better Business Bureau also has records of any complaints filed against insurance companies and can provide the information to consumers. If the company is not ranked on consumer websites these resources can provide needed information.

How Much Liability Insurance Is Necessary?

Every driver must carry the mandatory insurance required by his or her state. In many cases, mandatory liability limits are very low and do not provide enough protection for those with financial assets, like homes or investment accounts, to protect. The amount of liability insurance should be at least equal to the value of assets that the insured person owns. Drivers are personally responsible for any judgments for damages that exceed auto liability insurance limits.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

Collision and comprehensive insurance cover damages to the insured vehicle arising from accident, theft and other causes. The coverage is usually required by finance companies and banks as a condition of a car loan. Generally, collision and comprehensive insurance should be carried on cars with a retail value of more than $2500. Since this coverage can be expensive, it may not be cost effective to carry it on cars with values below $2500.

Using the online world to locate car insurance quotes will save you time, money, effort and can help save the environment. For these reasons it is recommended that you give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised! Please use the form on the top of this page to get free car insurance quotes online.