Leading Health Insurance Companies

In the United States, having a good health insurance policy is very important.  Without it you may not have access to the medical care you need, or medical care could be very expensive.  Leading health insurance companies in the United States will help people to pay for their medical expenses, making it affordable to see doctors, get prescription medications, or stay in the hospital.


Cigna is one of the leading health insurance companies available in the United States.  Many employers offer Cigna health insurance to their employees, allowing them to get discounts on preventative care, physicals, laboratory work, hospital stays, and more.  Cigna also has their own mental health insurance coverage, so many people with Cigna health insurance will also have access to mental health professionals that are covered by their insurance.  They also offer mail-order prescriptions, allowing people with Cigna to get their prescriptions through the mail, rather than having to go to the pharmacy.


Humana is a health insurance company that came about in the 1980s.  It has acquired many other small health insurance companies in order to become bigger and to offer health insurance options in more states across the nation.  In 2008, they were named one of the Top 5 Most Admired Health Insurance Companies by Fortune Magazine.  They also have a mail-order pharmacy available, called RightSource.  This mail-order pharmacy allows members of Humana to get a very large discount on any prescriptions that are a 90-day supply and taken regularly.


Another one of the leading health insurance companies is Aetna.  Aetna offers many different types of health insurance, as well as other insurance as well, such as disability insurance and long-term care.  Also including in the Aetna health care plans is pharmaceutical coverage, dental, and behavioral and mental health.  Aetna is one of the health insurance companies in the United States that offers the most coverage in one single health insurance policy.  Aetna is only available in the United States, and their headquarters is located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a part of the leading health insurance companies, but they work a little bit differently than your typical health insurance policy.  It is available in every state, and it is available to both public employees, as well as people who want a private health insurance policy.  This means that people who are unemployed, are self-employed, or want supplemental health coverage, can purchase a policy from Blue Cross Blue Shield without needing to meet requirements from an employer.  They have many flexible plans for different budgets, so individuals and families can find a policy that fits their health care needs.

These are just a few of the leading health insurance companies available in the United States.  While the health insurance company you end up with is usually dependant on what your employer chooses.  However, for people who need to purchase their own health insurance policy, it is important to know which health insurance companies are highly rated and are affordable as well.