Skin problems: not just affecting teenages

Women spend a lifetime of worrying about their looks. And the skin problems start early on.

Most teenage girls spend their days agonizing in the mirror over their acne, becoming regular Picasso’s learning to cover up flaring break outs due to hormones and puberty.

While many women grow out of acne once they become adults, then comes the wrinkles, dry patches and brown spots. Essentially, after a women turns 12 years old, she is pushed into a world surrounded beauty and skin issues.

Thankfully, women don’t have to suffer through life with skin issues. Most skin issues can be fixed with a visit to the dermatologist or at home remedies.

Acne. Sadly, acne problems will continue to plague many women long after they become adults. The first step to avoiding acne is to wash your face twice a day, especially at night. Sleeping with make up on is a sure fire way to clog pores. But if a regular face wash and treatment cream aren’t doing the trick. It is time to visit the dermatologist. Most inexpensive health insurance plans will cover parts or all of your visit. Extra strength acne cream like Retin-A are sometimes all you need to shrink those pesky pimples.

Wrinkles. The inevitability of getting wrinkles is just as inevitable as getting old. The two go hand in hand. But you can push back the affects of aging. An anti-aging skin routine should start in late 20s. Keeping skin moisturized is key. In the morning start with a light moisturizing lotion that contains SPF. The SPF is essential to combating wrinkles. While we might love the warm summer days, wrinkles are a sure sign of sun damage. In the P.M. combat wrinkles with a thicker skin cream for your face and a specialized cream for around your eyes. And exfoliating once a week is a must to generate new skin cell growth.

Brown spots. These pesky discolorations are actually sun damage on your skin. And the places most women are finding them are on the backs of hands and face.  The best way to combat these brown spots is sunscreen. For your face, make your lotions do double duty by combining moisturizer with an SPF mixed in. And don’t forget the rest of your body. The sun can damage skin any time it is exposed. And don’t think that your windshield will create a barrier between the sun.

Under eye circles and puffiness. The skin below your eyes is the most delicate skin. Dark circles are often related to lack of sleep, but really it is caused by thinning skin. You are really seeing red blood vessels through the skin. Eye creams to diminish dark circles and a really good under eye concealer are the best bets for hiding the circles. Under eye puffiness is related to extra salt in your diet. Lay off the salty snacks to avoid puffiness. And keep eye cream in the refrigerator. The cool temperature can help reduce the puffiness while soothing the delicate under eye skin.