Stressed out? Use your health insurance to get help from your doctor



According to a report done by the American Psychological Association more 70% of American adults suffer from stress and exhibit physical and psychological symptoms from stress. Some of the symptoms related to stress and tension are headaches, fatigue, upset stomach, feeling dizzy or light headed among other symptoms. Needless to say most people can do well to relieve and reduce the amount of stress and tension in our lives. Not all stress is bad; I once had a professor say that you do want to reduce stress but that the optimal amount of stress is not zero. I think this is mainly because it can be a motivator, although I think we have too much stress and it is hurting our health and happiness. This is why I have put together some tips for reducing stress and hopefully improving your happiness.


Grow a garden or get a pet

I do not have a pet but I do have a garden and I can attest to its ability to relieve stress. It is fun and soothing to plant, grow and maintain a garden. I think also having a fruit tree or a simple pot for flowers can do wonders in relieving stress. The flower or herb pot is a great way to grow something even if you do not have a yard. Like I said before I do not have a pet but I have friends who do and they love the joy their pets give them. I also enjoy playing with them and know that it works.


Be physically active and exercising

A good way to relieve stress and tension is to do some exercising this could come in the form of going to the gym or just going for a walk around the block or in the park. I have talked about being active before and I think it does a lot of good for your mental health by relieving stress and also improving your physical health. I also think that going on a hike, a bike ride or doing some laps in the pool are some great tips for reducing unneeded stress and tension.


Take vacation

I think it goes without saying the benefits of going on a vacation. It allows you to decompress a little. If it is not possible to get out on a long vacation to some tropical paradise then perhaps a small vacation to a local resort or even a day spa. That is what they were designed for and can do wonders. A massage can be great to loosen you up from stress.


Make a plan

The symptoms from too much stress can be severe and serious so recognizing that and making a plan to relieve stress is the most important part of relieving it. If you are find that the effects from stress are bad then it is a good idea to visit a physician your health insurance plan can cover these costs. Doctors can prescribe ways to relieve stress that don’t involve pills.