The MonstER: Godzilla Breath (Episode 6)

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How to Treat Bad Breath

Bad breath, a medical condition known as halitosis, is an unfortunate problem that many people live with. Severe cases of halitosis can even cause relationships, both personal and professional, to be broken and difficult. Luckily, advances in medical science have made it possible for regular people to learn how to treat bad breath effectively and safely.

What Causes Bad Breath?

There are several known causes of bad breath, and most are easily treatable. One of the most common factors in halitosis is dry mouth, which can cause odorous bacteria to grow quickly. Food particles trapped in the teeth are also a source of bad breath, as well as foods and drinks such as garlic, onions, dairy and meat products, sugars, alcohol and coffee. A strong, persistent bad breath problem can also be one of the first indicators of oral disease. Being able to identify the cause is the first step in learning how to treat bad breath problems.

Simple Tips to Reduce Bad Breath

Sometimes, simply cutting certain foods and drinks out of the diet can be a good way to reduce or eliminate a bad breath problem. Foods like garlic, meat, and onions are high in sulfur, and reducing intake of them can help a halitosis problem. Good oral hygiene is a must. Regular dental checkups and good brushing and flossing habits will go a long way toward better breath, and will also help catch oral disease before it has a chance to worsen. There are also helpful and pleasant-tasting antibacterial mouthwashes commonly available in most stores.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Besides making dietary and hygiene adjustments, there are also some herbal home remedies that can be used to fight halitosis. Parsley, fennel seeds, mint, and cloves are some of the herbs that promote good breath, and they can be chewed directly or sipped in tea. Chlorophyll, nature’s odor fighter, is found in green plants and can be taken as a dietary supplement. Vitamin C, vitamin A and acidophilus are all helpful in healing the mouth, and promoting friendly bacteria. Seek advice from a medical practitioner before trying any herbal remedies yourself.

When Bad Breath Needs Medical Attention

Sometimes a bad breath problem is so serious that it cannot be fixed by adjusting the diet or taking herbal supplements. Sometimes, halitosis points to a severe underlying medical problem. Serious dental problems such as oral infection, gum disease and oral cancer can all have halitosis as a symptom and should be checked out right away. Halitosis may also be an indication of diabetes, lung problems, liver disease, digestive troubles and even HIV. Learning how to treat bad breath problems may need to start with a checkup from your doctor.

Although it is possible for the serious medical conditions previously mentioned to be indicated by halitosis, rest assured that for most people the dietary adjustments and herbal supplements are often enough to reduce or even fully eliminate the problem. Have your doctor rule out the serious issues so that you can try out the home remedies and get on the way to a better lifestyle.