The Pros and Cons of AFLAC vs. Health Insurance

AFLAC insurance has been bringing consumer’s peace of mind and additional protection for many years. AFLAC provides a variety of supplemental insurance products that can be used with or without health insurance. Coupled with health insurance or as a stand-alone policy, AFLAC is a great product with highly beneficial features. Additionally, there are many policies to choose from so that consumers are able to customize the best products to fit their individual needs.

AFLAC and Health Insurance

To clarify any misconceptions, AFLAC is not health insurance company in and of itself. Health insurance is a completely different product that tends to stand on its own. AFLAC’s main aim is to offer a variety of supplement insurance products that help reduce the out of pocket expenses involved in getting medical treatment. In some cases, AFLAC benefits are paid out above what a health insurance policy covers and the payout from an AFLAC policy can be used for anything. Many people like that benefit because in cases such as an accident, people may not be able to work and need the money to pay their bills.

AFLAC Options

AFLAC has a multitude of options for individuals and businesses, which they are able to custom tailor to their needs. AFLAC provides accident coverage, cancer and specified disease coverage, dental options, hospital confinement indemnity plans, hospital confinement sickness indemnity policies, and hospital intensive care plans. They also offer juvenile life insurance, life insurance, lump sum cancer coverage, lump sum critical illness coverage, and specified health event coverage. These plans provide consumers with priceless peace of mind and additional financial protection.

Health Insurance

As previously stated, health insurance itself is much different than AFLAC. Health insurance provides continuous coverage for medical treatment; it typically has a deductible that the insured person is responsible for in addition to a coinsurance percentage. Coinsurance, like the deductible, has a maximum amount that the insured person has to pay per year. Once these out of pocket expenses have been fulfilled, the insurance company pays the rest of the charges accrued for the rest of the calendar year.

Health Insurance plus AFLAC

Health insurance and AFLAC work  together in tandem, and they complement each other quite well. For example, in the event of an accident, the money received from AFLAC can be used to pay the health insurance deductible. The payout from AFLAC can be used for any purpose and the payout is paid whether a person has health insurance or not — even if the health insurance paid for everything. Health insurance covers the treatment of the medical situation and AFLAC comes along and provides additional financial support for the patient.

Health insurance is necessary protection for people against potentially significant financial loss. AFLAC is a supplemental insurance product that can easily be purchased as coverage in addition to health insurance. AFLAC has many great benefits that have greatly helped and impacted a large amount of policyholders for many years. When coupled with health insurance, AFLAC can be just what insured people need when facing injuries or critical illnesses.