Ultimate Car Accessories for Road Trips

Road trips are often seen as a time of fun and fellowship for families. However, the fun can easily cease in times of crisis. The following ultimate accessories are provided to help keep the fun going, even when life happens.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Getting lost in the middle of nowhere on an extended road trip might seem like part of the adventure, but it is a major inconvenience when it occurs. The GPS has installed maps of the United States and Canada, and can even provide directions to the nearest gas stations and ATMs. With installed directions to over 2,000,000 locations, the GPS is every driver’s best friend.

DVD Player

What is bad for the driver is good for everyone else. The DVD player is a device that processes information on discs, whether video or audio. Produced mainly in China, the player has been succeeded by the high definition DVD player as well as blue-ray disc technology. As of 2005, the cost of a DVD player starts around $150.The DVD player allows backseat occupants (whether adults or children) to remain entertained while the long, arduous trip is still ahead.

Entertainment System

In the event the DVD player malfunctions, always have a backup plan. Often set up at the back of the vehicle to prevent driver distraction, a good entertainment system may include an MP3 player, a DVD player, and a stereo to hold the family’s attention until the destination is reached. Audiovox currently has entertainment packages that allow for movies and video games while on the road. Some systems set up at the backs of vehicles allow for combined entertainment such as the AM/FM stereo and DVD player simultaneously.

Built-In Emergency Service

While the GPS can help with directions, it cannot provide transportation when both the tires and spare tires are all flat. Built-in emergency services like OnStar provide an in-built cellular phone to contact needed help in the case of crisis. If a child gets locked in the car by accident, OnStar can unlock the door for the child and prevent a bad situation from getting worse. Only GMC and Saab Automobile vehicles have access to OnStar.

BackUp Cameras

No one desires to run over innocent children playing in the middle of the street or have a collision and see an increase in auto insurance premiums. Backup cameras alert the driver as to what is behind his or her vehicle in order to avoid collisions, accidents, death, etc. Known alternatively as “reversing cameras” or “rear-view cameras,” backup cameras are most common in SUVs and pickups since they have larger blind spots and a greater chance of accidents than compact cars.

Fold-Out Trays

To have food spill on a new white shirt is nothing short of frustrating.  A portable table consisting of a tray foisted on legs, fold-out trays can be used for snacking, card and board games, and coloring, and can even be stored out of sight. Providing a stable force upon which one can eat and drink, fold-out trays provide an innovative way to have “meals on wheels.”

The driver should see the car in which he or she travels as a partner of sorts, helping the driver and passengers arrive at their intended destination in style and comfort.