War Veteran Health Insurance Explained

Health insurance benefits are important for all individuals to receive because it can be extremely expensive and sometimes cost prohibitive to seek life-improving or necessary medical care. Special health insurance is available to war veterans, who sometimes need special benefits.

How is War Veteran’s Insurance Different?

Many health insurance companies are not willing to insure the types of injuries that are acquired during a war veteran’s career. These injuries often require treatment for the rest of the veterans’ lives. Veteran’s health insurance is prepared to handle these line-of-duty injuries. Veterans will not be turned away from this health insurance due to their injuries.

Why Does the Military Offer this Insurance?

The military provides insurance for veterans because the Veterans Association wants to maintain and increase high veteran satisfaction. The country owes it to those that have served the country to protect them once they have completed their jobs. Veterans deserve the best health insurance and accessibility possible.

Who Qualifies for Veteran’s Health Insurance?

The most basic and important qualification to receive veteran’s health insurance is that the applicant must be a veteran. No individuals filing alone that are not veterans will be accepted by the plan. Some of the other questions include whether the applicant was honorably discharged or released and whether Reservists or National Guard members were called to active duty and whether they completed the full call-up periods.

Insurance for a Veteran’s Family

Sometimes veteran’s health insurance packages are able to include a veteran’s family. It might not be the best option for the veteran or his or her family, but it is worth evaluating because it might just be the best option. If the veteran’s health insurance is able to cover the family, check to make sure that the insurance will cover any special health needs of the family members.

How to Get Veteran’s Health Insurance

To see if a veteran qualifies for the veteran’s health insurance, contact the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). VHA is a subsidiary of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The staff at VHA provides services such as finding local VHA doctors and locating specialists for veterans in need of treatment.

How to Apply for Veteran’s Health Insurance

To apply for veteran’s health benefits, submit the VA Form 10-10EZ online at https://www.vets.gov/health-care/apply/. For help, applicants can call the help line at 1-877-222-VETS (8387). The application can also be submitted by phone at this number Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST. The form can also be printed out and submitted in person or by mail to the veteran’s local VA Medical Center or clinic. These options are also available for renewing benefits.

War veterans owe it to themselves to apply for veteran’s health insurance benefits to protect their health and financial security. Many veterans do not need to postpone expensive medical treatments because they qualify for quality insurance that will provide them the means and the specialists required to restore their health and peace of mind.