Why Buy World Health Insurance?

What would happen if you were to become sick or injured while traveling abroad?  You probably envision a scenario similar to that which you would experience in America.  Even in foreign films, we are exposed to ambulances, hospital scenes and doctors.  What we are rarely shown in popular depictions in how it all is paid for.

Even Michael Moore’s 2007 film documentary “Sicko”, though it tackled the subject of differences in world health insurance systems, distorted the truth.  While many social democracies provide what we call “universal health care”, the reality is that inexpensive care only applies to its (tax-paying) citizens.  While “Sicko” worked hard to portray the compassion of the French, British, and Canadian systems it studied, the fact is if you, as a foreigner, required health care in those countries, you would be required to pay out of pocket for treatment.

I have personal experience with the issue of world health insurance.  During the year I lived in France I paid significant sums of cash for doctors and prescriptions.  And, worse, while white water rafting several years ago in Costa Rica, I witnessed a friend sustain a serious knee injury.  As the most skilled bilingual person in our party, I accompanied him to the hospital to assist in the translations.  I was shocked not only when, upon our arrival to the emergency room, we were led away from the triage area, but led instead to an office where my friend was forced to furnish a several-hundred-dollars cash payment which had to be settled in full before they would let him be seen.

It is easier than ever to avoid hefty payments and the stress of worrying about finances during a difficult situation.  Protect you and your wallet by taking a few minutes to buy world health insurance online.

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