Holiday hangover getting you down?

While the holidays signify ugly sweaters, overeating and family, it can also mean an increase of drinking. Whether recreationaly for a party or to take the edge off when spending time with family, drinking generally increases during the holidays.

And the morning after a night of drinking is usually not full of fun and games. Yes, the dreaded hangover is the ugly step-child of the holidays, but a constant after a night of drinking. (Want to avoid a hangover? The best way is to curb your drinking or to not drink at all.) If you do decide to drink, get a designated driver. No amount of Humana health insurance can take back an accident.

Here is a few ways to minimize the pain of hangovers so you can quickly bounce back.

  • Moderation, moderation, moderation. If you must drink at a party, moderation is key for a few reasons. Alcoholic beverages are full of empty calories,which can add to some extra poundage during the holiday season. Limit yourself to one drink to save on calories. Moderation is also important to help keep you from overdrinking. Sure, people might have a cocktail to loosen up, but no one likes the drunk guy. Try alternating between alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. And make sure to have a stomach full of food to absorb the alcohol.
  • Dump old wives tales. Don’t even think about chasing a night of drinking with another drink in the morning like a Bloody Mary. Sure, the alcohol in the Bloody Mary will help ease your symptoms by numbing them, but you will be worse off. After a night of drinking, your body needs time to work off the toxins from the alcohol. Give it time to rest. And greasy food is not going to help your hangover, especially if you have an upset stomach. You must eat when you wake up but stick to foods that are easy to digest.
  • Avoid gimmicks. Ever heard of a hangover pill? You might as well take a placebo, say doctors. No evidence has showed that hangover pills work, so try to take a multivitamin instead to help replenish any nutrients lost. While there is no hangover pill, a small dose of ibuprofen or aspirin can help ease the sharpness of the hangover. Just make sure not to take it on an empty stomach.
  •  Sometimes coffee can help. If you rely on a morning cup of jo to survive through the day, do not avoid one during a hangover. You might add a caffeine withdrawal headache on top of the pounding hangover migraine. However, if you are not regularly caffeinated, avoid caffeine. It constricts the blood vessels which can create a bigger headache.
  • Drink, drink, drink. Water that is. Drinking alcohol dehydrates you, which drains you of necessary nutrients. Make sure to drink plenty of water or Gatorade to get your electrolytes back up to snuff. Plus, it will help you feel better overall.
  • Get moving! Exercise is the go to remedy for many reasons. Can’t imagine doing a run? Try some light yoga.

Most importantly. Rest.