Improving your health with home safety

Usually when checking for a health insurance rate, most people think of covering themselves when they get sick. Sure, that might be a common reason to visit the doctor, but other injuries contribute to just as many medical visits as contracting a virus. And those other injuries CAN be prevented by making sure your home is safe.

If you need another reason to tidy up your house, then pay attention. My grandma recently fell and broke her arm. How? Someone had placed  box in the hallway that she was not used to seeing. With her bad eyesight she tripped over the box and landed on another box, breaking her upper arm. Injuries at such an old age can be much more serious, and she will take a lot longer to heal. The saddest part about this is that it could have been prevented to save a lot of pain and heart aches.

In your home, make sure to clean up clutter that could be a potential hazard. Get rid of rugs with turned up or frayed edges (they can be tripping hazards), and make sure cords are not lining the pathways.

The kitchen is one place where there are many opportunities for injury. Practice safe cooking. Make sure to turn your stove and oven off when they are not in use. While you are using the stove top, keep towels, oven mitts and other flammable items away from the burner. And most importantly, keep hands away from the burner. Especially little ones. Avoid getting sick by only using items that have not expired, especially dairy items like milk, cream cheese and eggs. If something smells bad, do not eat it. Avoid anything that has touched mold. When in doubt, don’t eat it.

Make sure to prepare food correctly. Cook meats thoroughly to avoid getting salmonella. Clean any surface that comes into contact with raw meat, as it can contaminate other foods. And make sure to watch children when cutting items.

The bathroom is another dangerous spot in your home. Bath time disasters can result in serious injuries. For children, make sure they are constantly supervised while having a bath. Even a few inches of water can be deadly. Make sure there are no small items (like toys or soap) in reach of a child that they could choke on.

For seniors, the bathroom can be a dangerous place but in another way. Seniors often fall while bathing, sometimes resulting in hiring someone to come and bathe them. In order to keep their independence, seniors can keep showering without assistance with a few little tricks. Adding a non-slip rubber mat on the floor can help avoid slips. Bars can be installed to the sides of the tub and toilet to help with getting up. If needed, a shower chair can be used if it is hard to continually stand.

Another way to prevent household injury is to adjust what you are wearing. Make sure your shoe laces are always tied and your pants do not drag on the floor.