Think you know your health foods? Check out these surprising health foods

I feel like health foods are often a craze. One day eating a strict no carb diet is going to get me the lean and thin body I have always dreamed about. One day they are in and the next day they are out.

The other day I heard someone mention that she eats chocolate every day for pure health reasons. It is only for the betterment of her body. Do not mind me as I scoff. I have never heard of anyone eating chocolate for pure health reasons. But surprisingly chocolate, as well as many other surprising foods, have some serious health benefits. Is is reason enough to eat them based purely on that fact? Maybe. But you will not have to feel as guilty eating your favorite foods.

Dark Chocolate.

This delectable dessert has been a sweet tooth’s favorite for decades. But some chocolate has some serious health benefits. Dark chocolate–not milk or white– can actually lower your blood pressure. However those health benefits are completely devoid if you gorge on chocolate every night, but a bite every night can actually be good for you. Dark chocolate can full of antioxidants, those minerals that will can help avoid cancer and other illnesses. Want to get the health benefits? Put down that plate of brownies and have a bite of dark chocolate.


Wine can help your heart be healthy and increase your longevity. But this health benefit comes with a warning more serious than over consumption of chocolate. The suggested serving of wine is one glass a day max to get the health benefits. But if you over consume wine, which is alcohol my friends, you will have some serious health detriments that will far outweigh the health benefits.


I remember as a teenager when eggs were unpopular. When the posh ones would order eggs at restaurants they would order egg whites to lower the cholesterol intake. Or, let’s be honest, to lower the calories and the fat. Times have changed! A great public relations campaign for eggs has tried to reshape the public’s view on eggs. Eggs are actually a great source of protein. And this type of healthy protein will actually help you feel full longer, helping you lose weight in the long run. While I do not recommend guzzling many eggs a day like Gaston from ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ you can still get the great protein benefits (a great way to build muscles!) plus other important nutrients.


Many people avoid this delicious green vegetable because of the fat intake. Here is a quick fat lesson: you need fat. It is important for your diet. But you have to make sure you eat the right kind of fat. Avocados are the best kind of fats that your body actually needs. So do not be afraid to top your sandwich with this flavorful fruit.

These surprising health foods are good for you, but only in moderation. If you over eat, you will put some extra mileage on your personal health insurance to fix the damage.