Want to keep healthy? Stop sitting around

Keeping healthy is something that a lot of people consider. Compared to our parents time, naturally burning calories is no longer a regular part of a person’s day. There are fewer jobs that are physically demanding and television and other sedentary activities have taken the place of physical activity. Only by making a conscious choice to get up and move will people be able to get, and keep healthy. They also, by the same way, lose weight and increase longevity.

Sedentary Jobs

It has been estimated that by the year 2020, 80% of jobs will be cerebral. This means that more people will be sitting down to do their jobs. That trend is evident now, with so many computer oriented occupations. True, even some of our Mother’s were secretaries and held other fairly sedentary jobs; we create surroundings now that limit movement even further. While at work, people stack up their filing, and perhaps someone comes and collects it, or we save it all for the end of the day, for example.

Sedentary Leisure Activities

Television, movies and computer games have taken the place of baseball games, family walks and camping. Although our work environments do not require physical activity, they do tend to wear a person out mentally. Television and such provide entertainment, but as physics proves; an object at rest tends to stay at rest. Many people, through the course of a day, burn less than 1500 calories and get almost no cardio workout at all – which will eventually lead to very poor health.

Benefit of Physical Activity

We all know that physical activity, or exercise, can help people lose weight. Being physically active has many more benefits as well. Physical activity promotes heart health. Activity provides a cardio work out, which is necessary to keep the heart beating strongly. Being active also promotes brain health. In fact, the Franklyn Institute reports that physical activity can improve brain function, even in the elderly. Our entire body is geared toward being active, and when it isn’t, serious health matters arise.

Sneaking in Activity while Working

Many of us don’t have the time, or ambition to begin a rigorous exercise routine. Activity, however, can begin slowly, and with just a little effort. Begin creating reasons to have to get up from your desk. Set an alarm for every hour to get up and walk around the house once or twice, which is excellent exercise, by the way. Store your computer paper and other needs in another room. The same goes for reference or other books or objects which may be needed.

Sitting at a desk and in front of the television is not good for adults, children, or seniors. So, get out there and move! Start slow and chances are once you see how great it feels, activity will increase. If you can’t afford a gym membership, it is possible to get a perfectly good workout at home. This combined with a healthy diet will result in a much healthier body, and cheaper health insurance.